Oswegatchie; Rainbow Falls #3 and Sluice Falls Section #4

>> Friday, May 20, 2011

Right now I'm still pretty fired up about paddling down the Oswegatchie with Alan Panebaker and Eric Adsit yesterday. This is by far one of the best runs I have ever done in New York State. Great drops, flat pools in between, option to portage everything if you want makes for a great river. The American Whitewater gauge was at 2300cfs, we put on all rather nervous but noticed the river wasn't bursting at the banks but a great level.

We stopped at The Village Inn for a pizza and some beer and had a few locals of the town buy us a beers when he knew Eric and Alan had run Rainbow Falls. Not only did we get a bunch of free beer but Eric was signed into the Harrisville Outdoor club and "Gary" pulled out his Springboks t-shirt from way way back. He was stoked, so was I! Certainly the spot for post Oswegatchie runs.

It was a great day, here are a few shots from the day, all the good ones are locked up for now. More on that later.

Bridge in Harrisville
Eric taking it all in
Alan running the manky Trash Can Falls
Scouting Tooth Ferry
Shaka's after running Tooth Ferry
Alan on line as usual on Sluice Falls
Alan dropping in, Sluice falls
Eric on bottom of Sluice Falls. While shooting my lens hood decided to pop off and take a stout swim (bottom of pic)
The flat paddle out filled with laughter and BIG smiles
Eric, Alan and Gary at The Village Inn, Harrisville, Eric getting signed into the club.
Gary with his Springbok T-shirt -aweh-


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