Spring Paddling has arrived!

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

My good friend the Sun has started showing itself here in the Northern Pennsylvania, I was starting to get worried if I would ever see it again. The long, dark, cold wintry days are headed down south and the spring brings with it warmer days, birds, snowdrops, the return of the Canadian geese and of course my favorite, SNOW MELT. This being my first ever northern hemisphere spring paddling season I have noticed a few things are different, mostly the ice cold water temperature!

I met up with the local paddling community here in Northern Pennsylvania, a club called BCCKC headed up by a very cool guy called Phil. I joined them at the end of Feb for their winter party to introduce myself and get connected.

In the past my stomping grounds have been mostly the Orange River in northwest South Africa. Known for its heat. An average day there is anything between 30-40 degrees Celsius (86-104 Fahrenheit). You really want to be in the water most days wearing sunscreen and UV protective clothing.Even being on water at 6,30am for sunrise is enjoyable due to heat.

You can see the sun protection on Roach's face.
Along with the rash guard o Matt to keep the sun off!

My short introduction to spring paddling so far; It is absolutely freezing! Shrader Creek, PA

Gloves on both Phil and Steve, I could hardly feel my trigger button in my camera! I'm surprised these shots came out, I was shaking from the cold.

Ice on the side of the river. I jumped out my boat for a quick scout, luckily had booties on and almost slipped back into the river!

South Branch of the Tunkhannock Creek, PA


Cat Lamb March 18, 2010 at 5:54 PM  

brrrrrrr! Looks COLD Stick, and I know how you love the cold...! Great shots - looking forward to more :-)

Robs March 20, 2010 at 8:05 AM  

looks ICY! Great to see you're getting out on the water there. Can't remember if I told you, met a guy who's on the canadian whitewater team, lives in Ontario so when he makes it back to Canada eventually I'll have to put you guys in touch in case you are ever up in that neck of the woods!

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