The Sweet Rumble 2010 - Sjoa River

>> Sunday, July 18, 2010

There is never a dull moment in the Sjoa valley. The past week saw the water levels on the Sjoa rise dramatically, this resulted in the Sweet Rumble comp being moved. Aamot gorge, where the rumble normally takes place was at a monster level, thus the event was moved to the Slalom course section of the river, right in front of the Sjoa Kayak Camp. The course was well thought out with a few must make gates which forced some of the "rumblers" through some of the bigger features on the course.

The sun came out and so did the spectators who were able to see the unpredictable finish to the race. Sweet Protection held a fantastic event with some great prize money and of course the winners Belt.

Excitment at the start,

The heats;

Tyler Curtis stomping through the heats.


Mariann Saether leading the pack by far in all her heats.

Some action in the Womens semis (above)

Womens Finals ;

The womens finals placement, Mariann had the lead but the river had its way and she ended up missing the bag and the 3rd in the pack ended up hitting the bag to take first place with a great line.

Mens Finals;

Photo finish.

MC on the mic , Logan Grayling


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