>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our humble abode tucked away in the Cash Creek Valley was dumped with snow and wintry feelings. I headed into Towanda, the town down the road and experienced its romantic mood filled with busy people shoveling snow.

The Susquehanna River runs through Towanda. Its the longest river on the east coast of the United States and the 16th longest river in country. Makes me wish I had a touring kayak, tent, stove, sounds like an expedition.
With ever railway line, you find a conductor. There is a railway line which runs along the river and through the town. I've seen heaps of old photos around town in local shops and restaurants but have never seen a train run through town...yet?

The Keystone Theatre plays an important role for Towanda. I've spent some time shoveling snow from out front of it, enjoyed movies in it and been fortunate enough to shoot a few events for it. I enjoyed capturing this image of the theatre.

A very stylish classic diner I hope to capture more images of.

Having never been in snow before, I'm enjoying learning how to shoot and enjoy the light it provides.


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